1. masalamilk said: Anuj ji.. Just discovered your work. Amazing! Love your ink drawings. Would be amazing if you could do a post on how to improve ink work in general ..


    Hi! Thanks for the kind words. In regards to improving ink work, I would say it depends on what type of line you’d like to achieve. Study the artists who’s linework you like and try to emulate them. I grew up obsessed with Dan DeCarlo and Xaime Hernandez’s method of drawing. Then I was getting into the more hatched drawing method of masters like Crumb and Moebius for inspiration. For a long time I felt I was simply copying how they draw. Ultimately it doesn’t matter because in the end it will still be your hand. Hopefully you’ll eventually formulate a way of drawing that will be satisfying. 

    Inking post by anujink

  2. Todo barrato mi chief! Bringing the pulga/swap meet to the art market. Have a box of hand-picked comics and “art house” DVDs and VHS. Selling some prints and hand-painting some originals. Also giving stuff away for FREE!

  3. Grateful for the beautiful day. Have this small print at the Pop-Up Mercado hosted by @eat_tabla in Union Plaza. Right next to the Downtown Art/Farmers Market. Also selling some comics & other prints. Here with @maintainstudio.

  4. Sketching this out to make a small print for the Pop-Up Mercado in downtown El Chuco. Hosted by @eat_tabla in conjunction with the City Art & Farmers Market. Keep it Loco. #locoworkshop

  5. 4/4 Waterbound Painting // www.zpvisual.com/waterbound #waterbound #border #frontera #water

  6. 3/4 Waterbound Painting // www.zpvisual.com/waterbound #waterbound #border #frontera #water

  7. 2/4 Waterbound Painting // www.zpvisual.com/waterbound #waterbound #border #frontera #water

  8. 1/4 Waterbound Painting // www.zpvisual.com/waterbound #waterbound #border #frontera #water

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  10. Participants at Waterbound this past weekend were asked to write messages to migrants with well wishes and prayers. The jugs will be distributed along the border in urban and desert areas. The painting is about our role as a border community and how we relate to water as well as the affects of militarization. Photos by @andrew_joseph More info: www.zpvisual.com/waterbound